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General groundworks & Civil Engineering

Eurogold specialise in providing general groundworks and civil engineering services for a wide range of construction projects ranging from residential developments to commercial and industrial facilities.

Using the latest techniques and technology, our experienced team of groundworkers, engineers and construction professionals, can guide you through every step of your project.


Laying foundations is a complex and critical component of groundworks that requires a high level of skill and expertise. Eurogold works closely with engineers and other construction professionals to ensure that foundations are laid correctly and that the final structure is stable, safe, and meets all relevant regulations and standards.

From rigid and semi- rigid raft to deep mass fill strip footings and piling, we have the engineering, construction and health & safety skills set in place. Eurogolds site teams have all the systems and processes to provide our clients with up-to-date records of all the work undertaken to allow full control of budgetary and technical requirements.

Roads and Sewers

Eurogold has a solid reputation for delivering high-quality road and sewer infrastructure for developments of varying sizes and engineering complexity. Our commitment to excellence in quality, safety, budget and keeping in line with programme, has helped us build strong relationships with our clients, particularly in the residential sector.

We have established strong working relationships with most of the UK’s major developers, and our workmanship and level of service are highly praised by adopting authorities. We have a proven track record in the provision of foul and surface water drainage systems, including sewer connections, diversions, and pumping stations. Our road infrastructure services include new road construction, road surfacing, and maintenance. We have the expertise to handle any type of road, our team ensures that your road infrastructure is designed to meet all relevant standards and regulations, including safety, drainage, and environmental considerations.

So, if you’re looking for reliable and professional road and sewer infrastructure solutions for your construction project, look no further than our team. Contact us today.

Domestic drainage

Eurogold installs domestic drainage systems in line with the latest NHBC or appointed building control requirements. Only quality materials are utilised and installed in conjunction with manufacturers’ guidelines and specifications to ensure that homes and other buildings are safe and healthy environments to live or work in.

A well-designed and properly functioning drainage system can help prevent costly and unpleasant problems such as backups, leaks, and flooding. Eurogold’s site teams can undertake all aspects of domestic drain installation to the highest standards and will deliver fully functional systems for foul and rainwater, complete with hook-ups to the main sewerage services.

Interceptor/ attenuation systems

At Eurogold, we specialise in installing interceptor and attenuation systems for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Our team of experienced professionals have the expertise and resources to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

We recognise the increasing importance of sustainable urban drainage in developments and have completed numerous attenuation systems, including crate systems, swales, and balancing ponds. We understand that SUDs not only play an integral role in alleviating flood risks but also enhance the environment for the wider community. Therefore, we have invested considerably in the training and development of our workforce to ensure effective attenuation installation while maintaining our commitment to environmental responsibility.

If you’re looking for a reliable and professional company to design and install an interceptor or attenuation system, look no further than Eurogold.

Works in Highways

Our workforce is strongly dedicated to undertaking works within the highway to the highest level of quality, which local authorities have come to expect from us. We understand the value and importance of presentation, particularly how well constructed Section 278 works forms an integral part in delivering an attractive development to your business and prospective clients.

Most of our employees are fully accredited with the Streetworks Qualifications Register at supervisory or operative level, and we continually review our qualification and training needs.

Eurogold is proud to have delivered many successful Section 278 projects of varying scale and complexity, including numerous highway improvements, signalised junctions, and development access roads, in addition to highway repairs and reinstatement.

Adoptive Connections

An adoptive connection is the process of connecting a new development’s drainage system to the public sewerage network, which is usually owned and maintained by the local water authority. The process of making an adoptive connection involves ensuring that the new drainage system meets the required standards and specifications set by the water authority. This may involve undertaking various tests and inspections, such as CCTV surveys and drainage flow tests, to ensure that the new system is functioning correctly for adoption.

The relationships Eurogold has built between the water authorities and our clients strongly position us to deliver a complete service in meeting your drainage requirements and satisfying the adopting authority. Our practical approach to project management ensures timely submission of all appropriate applications and noticing requirements to meet your program needs efficiently.

Eurogold’s fully accredited workforce has successfully undertaken numerous foul and surface water sewer connections and has everything in place for the seamless adoption of these services.