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Eurogold is driven by being the best Groundworks & Civil Engineering Contractor in the Northwest.

About Eurogold Group

At Eurogold, we understand that every construction project is unique and requires a tailored approach. That’s why our team of experienced groundworkers and construction professionals work closely with our clients to understand their needs, objectives, and expectations. From the initial planning stage to the final handover, we collaborate with you every step of the way to ensure that your project is delivered to your complete satisfaction.

Our comprehensive range of services includes general groundworks, roads and sewers, interceptor & attenuation systems, foundation works, domestic drainage, adoptive connections, 278 works in highways, and more. We utilise the latest techniques and technologies to ensure that every project is completed efficiently, safely, and to the highest possible standards.

At Eurogold, we take pride in our professionalism, reliability, and attention to detail. We are committed to providing our clients with quality solutions that are delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest standards of safety. Our reputation as one of the leading providers of general groundworks and civil engineering services is built on our unwavering commitment to excellence.

If you are looking for a trusted partner for your project, look no further than Eurogold. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

Eurogold History


Eurogold established

Eurogold was established by Damien Brickland and Andrew Tomkins, who began working out of a small office in Golborne, Wigan.

A flying start

Eurogold commences trading operations in the January of 2005, initially focusing on groundworks and civil engineering with contracts awarded from William Hargreaves. This early success helps to establish Eurogold and gain traction with other major house builders such as Bellway Homes with whom Damien already had a working relationship with. Bellway invited Eurogold to tender for three large sites, all of which were awarded to us. Eurogold wins a £1.3 million contract with West Properties through a tender process. Emma Cassidy is recruited into the business in September and ultimately becomes the company Managing Director

A major new client

First Contract win from Red Row Homes

New appointment and premises

Emma Brickland Ryan is recruited into the business and ultimately becomes the company Operations Director. Eurogold purchases its first small unit in Paramount Business Park Huyton, which was the first of four units that would eventually become combined to form the entire block where we are currently located. This was a significant step for us as it allowed us to expand our operations.

Housing market crash

All was going well for the company until this difficult period when the housing market crashed and recession took hold, Eurogold made strategic decisions to focus on breaking even and covering overheads rather than chasing profits that were no longer viable in a market where housebuilders had tightened their purse strings. This was a tactical move in order to retain all members of staff throughout the recession and keep business quality intact. Eurogold contracted with William Hargreaves to perform commercial works for Aldi Supermarkets, and subsequently became the main contractor for the Northwest and North Wales regions.

Investment for the future

Toward the end of 2009, Damien Brickland sought to expand the Eurogold portfolio and secured investments from independent sources to facilitate regrowth. Eurogold was able to pay back these investments within two years.

Continued growth

With the recession behind us, Eurogold expanded into an additional unit in Paramount Business Park to accommodate the growing business operations.

Improved operations

Eurogold expands premises again purchasing another unit in the Business Park allowing for the increasing headcount and capacity needed. Eurogold starts developing its own software application, which streamlines communication between departments. Upon implementation, this significantly improved the material procurement process on our sites and enabled better progress tracking for our quantity surveyors and contracts managers.

Inspiring Britain

Eurogold is selected and featured in the inaugural publication of the London Stock Exchange 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain, which is a list of the most inspiring SME companies in the UK. To be included in the list, companies had to demonstrate not only positive revenue growth over the past four years, but also increases in employee numbers, workspace, and contract wins. Liam Shelly is recruited to run the procurement department and ultimately becomes Procurement Director.

Largest new contract

Eurogold is awarded its largest contract to date for Red Row Homes at Ledsham Garden Village which was estimated to be worth £70 million. As of early 2023 value so far at £23m with works continuing. Eurogold invested heavily in new plant and expanded into another unit in Paramount Business Park to accommodate its growing operational needs.

One of the Fastest 50

Damien Brickland bought out Andrew Tomkins as a shareholder and became the sole owner of Eurogold. Eurogold was recognized as one of the Greater Manchester Fastest 50, which is a comprehensive list of the fastest-growing companies in the region.

Record breaking revenue

Eurogold broke the £50 million revenue and £5 million EBITDA bracket for the first time.

Head office expansion

Eurogold expanded its offices once again by acquiring the final unit on the block and refurbishing the entire space. Eurogold invested in its site staff welfare by purchasing onsite cabins to reduce hire charges. Eurogold purchases its own fuel tanks for operational efficiency.

Global pandemic

Before the pandemic, Eurogold had forecasted a £72.6 million turnover and was expecting it to reach £100 million by 2023. However, due to lockdowns and changes in the market, Eurogold had to adjust and change its strategy, and scale back to fall in line with new market forces.

Solid foundation

Although still a lot of uncertainty within the market Eurogold holds a strong order book of £60-65m.

Offices & Key Departments

Eurogold Head Office

Conveniently located near the junction of the M62 and M57 in Huyton, Liverpool, our modern head office accommodates over 35 staff across two floors of open-plan areas. Each area is dedicated to a specific department, including Estimating, Commercial, Procurement, Development, Health and Safety, Training, Customer Services, and Accounts.

Our plant and fleet operations are located in separate facilities in Rainford and Huyton. This setup enables us to efficiently manage all aspects of our operations while maintaining the highest standards of quality and service for our clients.


Our estimating team is responsible for reviewing and understanding your project plans, specifications, and contracts. Additionally, our estimators are responsible for preparing project cost estimates and tenders by accurately measuring and quantifying the materials, labour, and plant required for each aspect of a prospective project. They work very closely with other departments, including procurement, commercial, plant, and health and safety, to ensure that all aspects of your project are appropriately aligned with your expectations and budget.


Our Commercial team is responsible for assessing the projects to ensure they progress efficiently, affordably, and safely; through site visits and regular direct communication with clients, site personnel and contracts managers, by acting as central hub between all parties involved in the projects. The team oversees the projects and monitors changes to drawings and specifications, which may impact costs and then keep the client informed of any changes to achieve best value.


Our Procurement department encompasses the buying, plant, fleet and transport departments and is responsible for the purchase and hire of all materials, plant, equipment, and services required for your projects. This team’s primary responsibilities include identifying the materials and equipment required for your project, sourcing and negotiating with suppliers to secure the best quality products at the best value for money, maintaining strong relationships with suppliers, and managing the supply chain. They also maintain accurate records of all purchases and supplier contracts.

Eurogold’s procurement team plays a crucial role in ensuring that your projects are completed on time and within budget. They work closely with all other departments to ensure that all aspects of your project are coordinated and integrated effectively.


The main role and function of the development department is to progress sites to allow handover for residents moving into properties and to progress the site to adoptable standards for local authorities. The department liaises with local authorities to complete site surveys to assess remedial works required prior to final surfacing, as well as raising any notices, permits, road closures, etc. that may be required. The development department manages all works on an operational and commercial level.

Customer Care

Our Customer Care team is responsible for coordinating any customer enquiries, concerns, and issues related to our services. This team is on hand to act as the primary point of contact for our clients and to ensure that our client’s customers are left satisfied with any services Eurogold have carried out.